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papergreen's Journal

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rest for the laborer, light on the way
17 April
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i can't be a populist, i'm too much of a misanthrope.
1968, a people's history, aaarrrt!, art, beer, boys in sweaters, boys with staple guns, brechtian influences in godard, british slang, brooklyn, buddy holly, catholic kitsch, coffee, crushing on maggie gyllenhaal, dadaism, david bowie, degrassi, douglas coupland, elvis costello, faking accents, france, ghost world, girls with bangs, girls with gaff tape, godard, insomnia, jim jarmusch, kurt vonnegut, la nouvelle vague, leaving home, lipstick traces, making like cindy sherman, marx and marxists, marxist/feminist art criticism, meta, mexico, patsy cline, pj harvey, records, rooftops, san francisco indie-shit comics, secondhand smoke, sex and desperation, short films, sleater-kinney, social constructionist theory, the rule of thirds, the speed of light, the talking heads, thrift-store shoes, traveling, trilinguality

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